"No man with a good car needs to be justified."-Ministry


    The Plymouth Sport Fury GT was the greatest example of American full sized muscle ever created. This stunning member of Plymouth's Rapid Transit System combined beauty and brawn into an exceptional road machine. Powered only by the famous 440 engine, 1970 offered a choice of the 350 or 390 horse version. In 1971, 370 horse was your choice. Don't pass the chance to take a picture if you see one of these cars today. Limited production of 666 cars in 70 and 375 in '71 make them scarce. Enjoy the examples on this site!

    Here are some things I have learned about 70 and 71 GT cars. However as soon as you say "they only came this way" or "that was not available" an exception pops up. Please let me know if you see I've made a mistake  on the page. Also, I  know of some GT cars for sale now and then and I do know of people looking to purchase. So, feel free to e-mail me on that or with any other question. 

    -70 GT's came as PH23 cars. As far as I know no  PH29 GT cars were built. Although I've seen a clone. In 71 the GT cars were PP23 cars. Curiously the GT option package on the window sticker of a 70 was listed as PP23, hence the confusion.  

The Plymouth Sport Fury GT was a member of the Rapid Transit System.